AngelList Venture ✌️


I'm a Venture Associate at AngelList Venture, which is building products to make it incredibly easy for investors to back new startups and founders to raise more capital.

It has been a phenomenal experience thus far. If you've been on the fence about launching a fund of your own or syndicating deals through SPVs, don't be a stranger! I'd love to talk about what makes our platform special and how it might be able to help you.

Are you a founder raising money? I can also potentially provide a small (~$10K) allocation through our Funders & Founders program if it fits our fund's target profile. If interested, message me!

Silicon Valley Bank πŸ’°


At Silicon Valley Bank, I focused on credit underwriting for technology and life science startups.

Tech Deals Newsletter ✍️

Tech Deals is an independent newsletter I write that highlights recent venture financing rounds in the Boston tech ecosystem. It seeks to provide a deeper look at the growing investment community that's frequently ignored by larger tech publications. Sign up:

The Millworks Fund πŸ’°


The Millworks Fund is a New Hampshire-based investment group committed to backing startups that want to grow in the Granite State. My role in Fund II included investor relations, screening potential investments, scheduling pitch meetings, and conducting diligence.

10x Venture Partners πŸ’Έ


10x Venture Partners is one of New Hampshire's most active angel investment groups. During my time with 10x, I served as the primary contact for both founders and investors. My work included sourcing potential investments, conducting follow-on diligence, scheduling pitch meetings, and managing group membership.

UNH Foundation 🌎


As a Social Innovation Intern for the University of New Hampshire's endowment, I researched shareholder advocacy campaigns to help the school maintain its platinum-level sustainability rating and explored new ESG-focused fund manager relationships.

The Rines Angel Fund πŸ‘Ό


The Rines Angel Fund is an undergraduate-only investment group backing seed-stage entrepreneurs in New England, founded by Dr. Jeffrey Sohl. I spent over three years as a member of the Fund's leadership team and was able to source three of the Fund's current investments.

Minim πŸ“Ά


Minim is an AI-driven WiFi management and security platform founded in Manchester, NH. I was lucky enough to intern at Minim during its earliest stages of growth, working on business development, web design, and research β€” my first exposure to the world of startups.

University Innovation Fellows 🧠


University Innovation Fellows (UIF) is a global fellowship based out of Stanford University that empowers students around the world to become agents of change in higher education. I became a fellow in 2017.

University of New Hampshire πŸŽ“

I graduated from UNH in May of 2020, where I studied Finance and Psychology.

Resume πŸ“

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